How to Watch MLB Games and Avoid Blackouts

MLB TV Help on T-Mobile

Requires subscription to Limited Basic TV service and HD Technology Fee. Blackout restrictions apply. Equipment, installation and taxes extra.

Manfred and baseball’s central office would like to force teams to pool their in-market digital rights into a single pot. But it’s a long shot given the existing contracts with RSNs and their distributors.

How to watch

Subscribers of participating Pay TV providers offering MLB Network have the ability to watch content through the MLB app after authenticating with their Pay TV username and password. To do so, tap on the “Watch” tab located in the bottom navigation bar, then select MLB Network. Upon successful authentication, you will have access to all live video and audio feeds available through your Pay TV provider. In addition, you can cast to Chromecast devices within the app by tapping on the Chromecast icon located at the top left of the MLB app or while viewing a feed. Favorite teams and push notifications can be configured through the MLB app on supported Apple mobile devices.


For those who want to keep it simple, T-Mobile has teamed up with MLB to provide subscribers with access to all remaining 2023 out-of-market regular season games on live and on demand. The service also includes access to a library of premium content, including documentaries and classic baseball programming.

Other streaming services that can work for baseball fans include Sling TV, which offers a cable-alternative package that includes Fox Sports 1, ESPN, and TBS. However, that option will only work for teams broadcast on those channels, and it’s not available everywhere.

Fubo TV is another option for baseball fans looking to cut the cord. Its cheapest plan includes 140+ channels, and it focuses heavily on sports. It also features weekday shows like High Heat, Hot Stove, and Intentional Talk.

Lastly, Apple TV+ has partnered with MLB to offer fans an exclusive doubleheader every Friday night. The subscription-based service costs $6.99 per month, and it doesn’t include any local broadcast restrictions.


Blackout restrictions can be frustrating for baseball fans, but they’re necessary to ensure that local broadcasters and cable providers are able to make the money they need to continue covering the game. Blackouts also encourage fans to attend games in person, which is important for the health of the league.

Streaming services like MLB TV, Sling TV, and Apple TV Plus offer national channels like ESPN, TBS, Fox, and FS1 as well as regional sports networks, such as YES and NESN. If a game is blacked out in your area, you’ll see an error message saying that the game cannot be watched due to local broadcast rights.

It would be easier for fans to avoid blackouts if teams could pool their in-market digital rights into a single pot, but this isn’t currently possible. The contracts that teams have with RSNs and their distributors include exclusivity provisions that prevent this from happening. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred is trying to address this issue, but the complicated structure of the business means it’s a long road ahead.

Getting started

Stuttering and buffering video playback are typically caused by insufficient bandwidth. If this is the case try relocating your router or limiting the number of devices on your network that are streaming at the same time. If this does not resolve the issue please exit and re-launch the MLB app.

For TV viewers a subscription to MLB EXTRA INNINGS can be a great add-on to any cable or satellite plan that carries national and regional sports channels. This service allows fans to watch all out-of-market games live. It also provides access to the MLB Network Strike Zone and Game Mix channels that provide up-to-the-minute highlights and updates, commercial free.

To set up your device to cast from the MLB app simply tap the Chromecast icon within the MLB app at the top of the screen or while viewing a feed. To configure push notifications and your favorite team visit the Account Settings menu in the MLB app.

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